Tower Hill Stables is pleased to present a variety of boarding options to work with every horse-owner’s budget. All stall-boarding options include stall cleaning and turnout - weather permitting - 7 days a week, 3 daily hay feedings and 2 daily grain feedings. You won’t find another barn in the area who provides this level of service!

All boarded horses have access to these premium equestrian assets:

  • Our expansive indoor arena dimensions are 72' x 320'
  • There are four large outdoor riding arenas
  • Getting dizzy in the arenas? We have ample riding trails that go throughout the property to get you "out of the box"
  • We offer approximately 80 acres of pasture turnout, including group turnout pastures which are about 12 acres each
  • Individual turnout is also available
  • Another perk - a 3/4 mile riding track that goes around one of the two ponds on the property
  • Fun obstacles on the trails such as a water crossing, bridge and more
  • We're sustainable and eco-friendly! We grow about 40 acres of hay for our animals and we compost all of our stall waste into a useful mulch/compost that has a variety of uses.


We offer 12' x 12' matted stalls with grates on the front and doors. Some stalls have grates on the sidewalls as well. This makes for a very open and airy barn that stays relatively cool in the summer. Tack rooms with saddle racks are provided for all stall boarded horses. There are four indoor wash racks with hot and cold water. One wash rack is heated. There are also two outdoor wash racks with cold water only.

Stall-boarded horses are fed hay 3 times per day (5:30am, 3:00pm, 8:00pm). We feed a grass/alfalfa mix hay. Grain is fed 2 times per day (6:00am, 3:30pm). The barn grain is a custom 12% protein, high-fat pelleted feed. We also provide a service to supply other types/brands of grain. Your supplements can be fed with the grain feedings.

Group turnout is from 8:00am to 3:00pm. Individual turnout times vary depending on how many horses are scheduled for individual turnout.

STANDARD BOARD: $505.00/month
Boot and Blanket Service: $35.00/month

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Tower Hill stall aisle and tack room

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